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Our story Protecting patients from harm Här hittar du Uppsala universitets kurs- och programutbud, nyttiga länkar för dig som redan är student och för dig som vill veta mer om Uppsalas unika studentliv. Uppsala University Housing Office. Behöver du tillfälligt boende i Uppsala eller i Visby för vårterminen 2021? Do you need temporary accommodation in Uppsala or in Visby for the spring term 2021? Exchange students. We offer accommodation to Formal Exchange Students at Uppsala University. Master students.

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Our student health team (EHT) consists of assistant principal, specialist teachers, school nurse and school psychologist who also serves as a school counsellor. A school doctor is working with the school as well as a study counselor (SYV). EHT is also collaborating with the school's student coach and the anti-bullying team. Opening hours, Service Centre. Study and career counselling.

Call our counselling service to get advice or to book an appointment.

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Uppsala student health center

Vi tar emot dig som studerar vid Uppsala universitet, SLU i Uppsala, Johannelunds teologiska högskola och Uppsala folkhögskola. Testa din hälsa och livsstil inom åtta olika områden. Du är anonym och får direkt återkoppling.

Uppsala student health center

The Student Health Centre focuses on study related issues such as stress, lack of confidence, speech anxiety, difficulties in concentrating.If you have a physical medical condition you are advised to contact the Swedish public healthcare directly Research on housing and cities. The Institute for Housing and Urban Research (IBF) is a multidisciplinary social science resource centre. Research covers housing policy, housing preferences, movement patterns, segregation and urban planning in relation to democracy and health issues. Centre coordinates information about research on disabilities within different disciplines at Uppsala University. Areas of competence: Within social, behavioural, medical and technical sciences concerning different kinds of disabilities. Centre for Clinical Research, County of Västmanland. Centre for Disability Research.
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Uppsala student health center

We also have a health pedagogue. Each term, courses and lectures are given on topics relevant to students and there is a light room at the premises that you are welcome to visit.

We are dedicated to promoting safer use of medicines for patients everywhere, using the science of pharmacovigilance to explore and understand the risks and benefits of medicines.
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Everything is free of charge. The Language Workshop is open to all students at Uppsala university. We offer consultations in both Swedish and English. The Student Health Service is the students' own health care.

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Fill in your Swedish personnummer/Social security number or T-number (that you achieve from Uppsala University) to order a new password. The password is sent to the e-mail address that you are registered on. Often it is your student e-mail. Remember to also check your junk mail!